breathe away your problems

Snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, asthma, nasal problems, anxiety, panic attacks, breathlessness, chronic coughing…
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Quick breathing quiz

What are the signs and symptoms that could indicate a dysfunctional breathing pattern?

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Breath taking stories

Over breathing is overlooked. How is it, something as fundamental as breathing isn’t being identified as contributing to so many of our health conditions today.

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Breathing myths

What is normal breathing, and why the gadgets, machines, medication and many breathing techniques don’t contribute to restoring the body’s breathing centre back to normal functioning. They are all missing one important link.

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Buy the books

Tess Graham’s experience and expertise working with thousands of people to retrain their breathing all in one book. Now you can access her too.


Breathe away your problems
Change Your Breath to Change Your Life with Easy to Learn Online Breathing Retraining

This 12 lecture course (video, audio, graphics, handouts) to the value of $1000 with a trained Breathing Educator, is now available to you for the affordable and convenient price of $195.

It includes:
1. Breathing pattern assessment and symptom assessment
2. The 5-day breathing retraining program (taken as slowly as you like)
3. The 9 Habits of Healthy Breathing
4. Breathing in speaking, singing and exercise
5. Reassessment, problem-solving, making the changes permanent
6. Free 15-minute online breathing consultation
7. For more information please visit Our Course


Tracey Anderson Askew

Director of Breathe Away


Consultant to Breathe Away
Tess has a science degree majoring in anatomy and physiology, and a post-graduate qualification in physiotherapy. She has the highly-regarded diploma in the Buteyko breathing method from Moscow. She has extensive experience in working with hyperventilation and other forms of dysfunctional breathing.